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Makes recipes just for you

Fast, easy and fun. Oli is an A.I Chef that serves custom recipes and helpful food advice.

All the ways Oli benefits you.

  1. What can I make for a family of four for under $25?
    Saves You Money
    Give Oli your budget and it will create recipes that fit.
  2. I have yogurt that's gonna expire, what can I cook now?
    Reduces Food Waste
    Tell Oli what’s in your kitchen and it can offer up ideas.
  3. What's a 5-day meal plan with 5-ingredient recipes?
    Makes Planning Easy
    Get a handle on weeknight meals with Oli’s smart plans.
  4. What's a trendy main for an upcoming dinner party?
    Ups Your Cooking
    When cooking for guests Oli can help you plan and wow.
Time saver

Oli Works Fast

The days of scrolling or wading through search results are over. Oli delivers great answers, almost instantly.

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